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Available: July 2022

Biochemistry 01

  • Carbohydrate Structure & Models
  • Practicals with starch
  • Starch-iodine solution sensitivity
  • Heating and cooling starch suspension

Biochemistry 02

  • Testing carbohydrates with Benedict’s reagent
  • Testing glucose with potassium manganate

Biochemistry 03

  • Respiration in Yeast

Biology Matters 01

  • Food Security & The Wheat Challenge

Biology Matters 02

  • Sunblock and UV investigation
  • UV and yeast investigation

Cells Processes 01

  • Diffusion in potatoes
  • Osmosis and Chips
  • Novelty Osmosis
  • Osmosis and potato boats
  • Osmosis and Red Blood Cells

Cells and Microscopy 01

  • Using your microscope
  • Measuring cells
  • Easy cells

Control and Coordination 01

  • Nervous System: Ruler catch reaction

Ecology 01

  • Ecological Studies: a range of ideas

Ecology 02

  • Quadrats and Transects
  • Ideas to model the techniques before the fieldwork

Enzymes 01

  • Enzyme theory & modelling

Enzymes 02

  • Enzymes – amylase & starch

Enzymes 03

  • Enzymes: catalase

Enzymes 04

  • Apple browning
  • Enzymes: protease pineapple

Fitness Lab 01

  • BMI (Body Mass Index)

Fitness Lab 02

  • Muscles & Nerves

Fitness Lab 03

  • Assessing Fitness

Fitness Lab 04

  • Heart Rate & Blood Pressure

Genetic Technologies 01

  • PCR and Electrophoresis Introduction
  • Obtaining cells for PCR
  • Pipetting skills

Genetic Technologies 02

  • PCR preparation
  • Electrophoresis

Datalogging and sensors

  • Carbon dioxide and oxygen sensors

Human Physiology 01

  • Breathing and Exhaled Air

Human Physiology 02

  • Osmosis in red blood cells

Human Physiology 03

  • Blood vessels: Modelling blood flow

Human Physiology 04

  • Food & Diet: Iron in cereals investigation

Plant Energetics

  • Photosynthesis: Information
  • Photosynthesis: Practicals

Plant Transport

  • Transpiration

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