Control and Coordination

Control and Coordination

In this module:

  1. Nervous System: Ruler catch reaction

Nervous System: Ruler catch reaction

Reaction and Ruler Catch 01:

An introduction to some familiar work using rulers to estimate reaction times; with a few added twists. Setting different scenarios to study. You must get the Grip Stick.

Reaction and Ruler Catch 02:

Using equations to work out times using ruler drop distances.

Reaction and Ruler Catch 03:

Using the ruler drop distances to calculate times; in conjunction with the Grip stick times students can ‘self-check’ their calculations.

Reaction and Ruler Catch 04 (impulse velocity):

Measuring the distances impulses travel. Calculate impulse velocity knowing the distance and reaction time.

Reaction and Ruler Catch 05 (impulse velocity):

Calculated the reaction velocity ready to think about what it means.

Reaction and Ruler Catch 06 (impulse velocity):

Looking at the data obtained and some of the nervous system biology in order for the finger muscles to contract and catch the ruler. Axon design and factors affecting speed of impulse. Please do this experiment with your students!

Reaction and Ruler Catch 07 (different stimuli):

Looking at different receptors visual, auditory, touch stimulus.

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