Genetic Technologies:

In this module:

  1. PCR and Electrophoresis Intro
  2. Obtaining cells for PCR
  3. Pipetting skills
  4. PCR preparation
  5. Electrophoresis

PCR and Electrophoresis Intro


A quick overview of our ideas to help teaching of this topic.

Obtaining cells for PCR

Extracting cells 01:

Cells from cheek cells.

Extracting cells 02:

Cheek cells and saliva sources for DNA sources.

Extracting cells 03:

Centrifuging cells to concentrate samples.

Extracting cells 04:

Centrifuging in ‘sterile conditions’ Cell pellets.

Extracting cells 05:

Obtaining our cheek cell samples.

Extracting cells 06:

Purifying and extracting.

Extracting cells 07:

Using Insta-Gene matrix.

Extracting cells 08:

The heating process for our samples and beads.

Pipetting skills

Pipetting 01:

Types of pipettes and uses. Fixed and variable volumes.

Pipetting 02:

How to use the fixed and variable volume pipettes.

Pipetting 03:

Loading the small volume samples with your pipette into the appropriate tubes.

PCR preparation

PCR preparation 01:

Opening and storing your consumables.

PCR preparation 02:

Using matermix or PCR beads with TAQ polymerase.

PCR preparation 03:

Preparation of samples for PCR tubes; avoiding contamination sources.

PCR preparation 04:

Loading and programming the PCR machine depending upon your particular method.

PCR preparation 05:

Microcentrifuge use to extract DNA samples. Pipetting carefully.

PCR preparation 06:

Mixing primers and mastermix, working to quickly to ensure the technique is effective.

PCR preparation 07:

Using PCR beads. Preparing the sample for PCR.

PCR preparation 08:

Setting up controls. Using the pipetting skills.

PCR preparation 09:

The PCR programming cycle.

PCR preparation 10:

PCR nearing the end of the cycling process.


Electrophoresis 01:

Making gels for electrophoresis.

Electrophoresis 02:

Loading dyes and DNA samples added to agarose gels.

Electrophoresis 03:

Setting up the electrophoresis tank; adding buffer to agarose gels.

Electrophoresis 04:

Introducing electrophoresis and staining.

Electrophoresis 05:

Agarose gel results.

Electrophoresis 06:

Flash-gel results.

Electrophoresis 07:

Blue stain results.

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