The images in the links below show a mock-up illustrating the potential re- design of:

Mock up images links:

    What can be offered:

      Key points:

      • Modern, clean design
      • Easy to navigate
      • A focus on presenting information in easy to read, short ‘blocks’.
      • Getting the main messages across using large, bold heading.
      • After a visitor quickly scans over the main (home) page, it should be clear what solutions the company offers and what it’s core principals / values are.
      • Subtle use of images and iconography to reinforce the message of each ‘Block’.
      • Existing photos cleaned up.
      • Custom icons and artwork.
      • Consistency throughout the site.
      • Mobile optimisation – To ensure optimal responsiveness on mobiles and tablets.
      • Comprehensive SEO – Regular motoring of Meta tags and how they are performing.
      • Regular updates on the site, showing growth and activity.
      • Reliable and regular back-ups using ‘professional’ back-up services.
      • Protection from ‘bots’ and ”site attacks’.


      • Customisable contact ‘forms’ for different applications as may be required.
      • Clean and presentable social media integration.
      • Digital marketing; including Facebook advert campaigns that can be highly customised to reach specific demographics and locations.
      • Videos made from existing content and can be used in digital marketing – job positions and recruitment.

      Most importantly:

      A relationship with the developer. Easy to reach throughout the day, seven days a week for:

      • Regular updates
      • Banners / artwork / images / photos
      • Digital adverts and campaigns
      • Other ‘non website’ related artwork such as brochures, business card, posters etc, using consistent branding and design language.

      And much more…

      If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Kind regards
      Ben Stockwin


      Phone: 07427 924 678

      Digital Marketing example using Facebook Marketing:

      Customisation includes Distance from location and specific demographics.

      A custom video advert would usually consist of:

      • What you want to specifically target – clients and/or new recruits

      • Animation

      • Custom graphics and iconography to help reinforce the message

      • A voice track over if necessary

      Very simple example of what a video advert could look like.

      Clicking on the link could take you to a dedicated ‘Application’ page on the website.

      Could include a fully customisable form, something like:

      Form applications could go to a specific ‘new’ email.

      Something like:

      Then picked up by the relevant employee at the office.


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