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  1. PCR and Electrophoresis Intro
  2. Obtaining cells for PCR
  3. Pipetting skills
  4. PCR preparation
  5. Electrophoresis
  1. Enzyme theory & modelling
  2. Amylase & starch
  3. Catalase
  4. Apple browning
  5. Protease in pineapple
  1. Fitness Lab: BMI
  2. Fitness Lab: Muscles & Nerves
  3. Fitness Lab: Circulation
  4. Radiation: UV & sunblock
  1. Photosynthesis: Information
  2. Photosynthesis: Practicals
  3. Transpiration
  1. Ecological Studies
  2. Quadrats & Transects
  1. Nervous System: Ruler catch reaction
  1. Microscope: Using your microscope
  2. Microscope: Measuring cells
  3. Microscope: Easy cells
  4. Diffusion in potatoes
  5. Osmosis: Plant osmosis
  6. Osmosis: potato
  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Making and using serial dilutions
  3. Starch-iodine solution sensitivity
  4. Heating and cooling starch suspension
  5. Testing carbohydrates with Benedict’s reagent
  6. Testing glucose with potassium manganate
  7. Respiration: Yeast
  1. Gas exchange & breathing
  2. Food & Diet: Iron
  3. Osmosis: Red blood cells
  4. Cardio-Vascular: Blood vessels
  1. Datalogging and sensors
  1. Food security: Wheat challenge

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